Identity Quality Establishes A Measurability Level Of An Individual’s Identity

The cornerstone of MailSlotTM identity quality process (IDQA) was developed by The Authenticity Institute. IDQA is used to establish a measurability level of an individual’s identity linked to a digital certificate along with a scoring system from 0 to 72. The process of first establishing an identity with a degree of measurable reliability through linking a digital certificate is unique to the MailSlotTM solution.

The Certification Authority we use for MailSlotTM is called the City of Osmio, which is a duly constituted public authority located in Switzerland. It has been established as a non-commercial enterprise to prevent the potential of change of control to an organization with a lesser standard of integrity. You can read more at:

The process of establishing identifying quality for MailSlotTM is accomplished in two steps. The first step is through completion of a self-identity verification process which results in an initial Identity score of 8. Further identity verification is accomplished through a in person or video attestation session with a certified Attestation Officer who reviews additional Evidence of Identity (EOI) documents in addition to having the applicant recite and record An Oath of Identity to further attest to the reliability of their identity. Learn more at the Council of Attestation Officers site at

How Osmio IDQA™ adds value to your credential

While there exists an abundance of commercial identity verification services, only Osmio is prepared to assemble the output of those services along with other Evidence of Identity (EOI) to provide a permanent attestation of the level of confidence that you or your relying parties can have in a claim of identity.

Osmio and its agents, including Attestation Officers and Authorized Agencies, will provide a program of Identity Quality evaluation for all holders of your identity credentials.

With Osmio IDQA, the strength of a user’s identity claim — its Identity Quality — is evaluated using eight metrics, with each metric measured on a scale of zero to nine. All eight scores are then added together, giving an aggregate Identity Quality score of zero to seventy-two.

Relying parties (including your own organization) can set a minimum aggregate score, or minimums of any of the eight component scores, to grant or deny access to a resource.

The eight metric scores added together to give an Identity Quality score of 0-72

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